An excellent insight into inevitable rejection

It’s going to happen to all of us who write and post, print, or distribute our works to the masses. We are going to be rejected, disliked, and trolled by someone out there, WITHOUT FAIL. The reason is simple: You can’t please everybody all of the time, and this article does a fantastic job of reminding us of this. It gives a great insight into the world of literary rejection, and for me, it gave me a sense of relief and assurance. Definetly a must-read for anyone who may one day face negative reviews.


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  1. Definitely a good read.
    Something occurred to me while reading it: some authors will be forced, like it or not, to respond to critics. Philip Pullman was attacked viciously by the religiously-minded for His Dark Materials series because there was a perceived attack on religion and, more specifically, Catholicism. The fact that he is an acknowledged atheist and that his fictitious church is a tyrannical power laid a groundwork for a huge internet-based assault on his books. (

    So far as I can tell, he never threatened any of the critics with drowning or called them racist (as the actress in the article), but he was interviewed endlessly about it when he probably would have rather been discussing the books themselves.


    • I think the hardest critics to respond to are your own family members. I had to fight with this a bit while trying to explain to my Grandmother what my book is about. (My main character is a novice demonologist with a Hoodoo mentor, and a demon familiar. o_O) Not really something that I want to tell my very upstanding baptist grandmother about.
      So I tell her, “Its a fantasy novel based on a few lines out of Genesis. Its about demons and angels.”
      Her response… “I want a copy when you get it published!”
      To which my brain went “Oh, God, No… My grandmother can NOT read this stuff! O_O EJECT! EJECT!”


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