Lost Treasures


Anyone who has been following me can probably tell that I like challenges. Love them, in fact! Imagine my delight when I discovered The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups on Lime Bird Writers blog. =)

This is my very first entry into the 100 word challenge. Since this week’s prompt was supposed to be a piggy-back off of last week’s entry, I found myself in a bit of a quandary as to whose post to use. In the end, I chose Steve’s entry, “A Puzzle for the Solver”, to piggy back on.

The prompt, based on the last ten words of his post, was: “What a curious little adventure she was about to begin!”


Remalda looked at the hand-drawn map again. It was spotted with strange markings and obscure clues, culminating in a large crayoned X at the end. Her younger brother had drawn the map, and he claimed that he had hidden the most fantastical treasure in the whole world at the end. What a curious little adventure she was about to begin!
She followed the map to the first cryptic clue. “Nine steps from the secret place where the first gnome hid his cap.”  She easily found the garden gnome flipped upside down, his red pointy cap stuck in the ground. He was gone now, but she laughed through the tears.

About tamarahickman

I am a self-published paranormal and fantasy fiction writer, and math teacher. I have a full house (husband, kids, guinea pig), a "real" job, and a fantastic hobby that makes me happy and keeps me feeling fresh. I have an addiction to typeface smilies. ^_^

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  1. WOW! There is a story waiting to be finished. Glad I had s small bit bringing it about. A very moving a curiosity rousing piece …


  2. Thank you for taking up the challenge. This has elements of the original Alice as well as a great opportunity to take it in all sorts of directions. Brill!


    • I really haven’t given much thought to it, but my children have been begging me to write a story that they could actually read. =)

      When I first started writing this entry, I was thinking of a mix between “The Secret Garden” and “Five Children and It”. Childlike innocent, missing loved ones, and exploration. =) As many comments as I’ve been getting on this particual snippet, I do think that it will be evolving into a full story soon.


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