Character Study of a Maniac (1)


Sometimes, my brain goes in odd-ball directions. I had this idea for a short story, and the protagonist turned out to be … well, you can read for yourself!

              Jimmy scanned the crowded club, not quite sure what he was looking for yet. The sound of the urban beat pulsed in his ears, heating his blood like a tribal drum before the start of battle. He was a predator, and alpha male. Sweat dripped down his back from the heat of so many bodies pressed together, swaying and gyrating like animals in heat. It excited him and disgusted him at the same time. The crowd of Mystique always embodied the denizens of some of the lower circles of hell. He could practically smell the lust in the stifling hot air, feel the greed and envy pour from the skin of the men and women, all looking over one another hungrily.

                He did not see what he was looking for. Whoever she was, the woman that he was destined to meet was not here tonight. He searched and waited. The right woman was going to come along one day. She would be perfect. She would be demure and guiltless. She would be quite and pure. She would not be like any of these other whores that threw themselves before any man that would have them. He had tried so many women before, and every one of them had let him down. A woman only let Jimmy down once, however.

                He gave a deep sigh and ran a hand through his tussled hair. He did not think that he was unattractive. He was tall, athletic, fit. He had thick hair that women loved, or so he had been told, and kind brown eyes. Indeed, Jimmy was sure that there was no fault in him. The blame for his loneliness was firmly on the shoulders of the feminine members of the species. As a whole, they were duplicitous, ignorant, tongue wagging whores. But his angel was out there. He knew he would find her. Until he did, it was his job to cull the herd.


I have great plans for this character. =) I think one of the best things about making a scummy character is that you can plot all sorts of horrible things to happen to him with minimal guilt. Making bad things happen to my heroes and heroines always makes me feel like an evil person, but only slightly. I do it because I love them, and I want them to grow as characters by overcoming terrible circumstances!

Villains, on the other hand… well, making horrible things happen to villians is just plain fun. =) There is something satisfying with building up the evilness, putting the bad guy at the top of his game, and then sending him crashing down. =)

And now for the discussion part!

Who was your favorite villian/anti-hero/scumbag of all time, and what made him or her so memorable?

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