Lucky Sevens


I saw this on my new pal Julie’s blog, and cajoled a tag out of her, because this idea was too fun to pass up!  She was tagged by her friend Gabriellan, who I stole the instructions from. xD Yay for making new friends!

So here is the basic idea for the Lucky 7s game:

  • Go to page 77 of your current MS.
  • Go to line 7.
  • Copy down the next seven lines or sentences and paste them as they’re written.
  • Tag seven other writers to play the game.

I went to where I was told, and the snippet I found astounded me! I wish that I could have included a few lines before and a few lines after, but then again, the mystery is part of the fun, right? =)


      He looked sternly at her. “Just tell Riesa what you came to tell her.”
      “Down, boy,” she cajoled. “I’ll tell her, just as soon as she answers a question for me.”
      “Ask.” I said, running out of patience.
      She seductively swayed over to me, and brushed the side of my face with one of her long nails. “Tell me, love, how good is your delicious ‘Greg’ in the sack?”
      I looked to Phil for help on this, because I didn’t want to answer such a crass question. He looked at Gamori, blank faced. “Riesa, you can answer her question.”


Okay and now for the tagging part…

 Lucas (Who is extremely talented. You should check him out)

Lindsay (Who is also richly talented!)

…Well, those are actually the only two people that I feel comfortable tagging. xD I’m still making friends, and I’m not sure who all writes novels or would enjoy a game like this yet. =)   Let me know if you want in, and I’ll “Tag” you. ^_^


About tamarahickman

I am a self-published paranormal and fantasy fiction writer, and math teacher. I have a full house (husband, kids, guinea pig), a "real" job, and a fantastic hobby that makes me happy and keeps me feeling fresh. I have an addiction to typeface smilies. ^_^

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  1. Awww, Tamara. I will totally play! Gonna hold out for FREEBORN, though. It’s currently at page 53, so I’ve got to get another 3 1/2 chapters in! Hold tight. I’ll totally jump in once I get there.

    And–I won’t even cheat to make those 7 lines fabulous as I write them. 😉


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