We’re going on a field trip!


Hello, blog peeps!

My muse has been very fickle today. She wouldn’t let me work on my short story, and she barely let me do some edits to Devil in the Details. She didn’t want me to work on my outline for my upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo submission, or the outline for the second Riesa Grimshaw book. What she did want me to do, however, was edit a friend’s novel, and write the following snippet from the second chapter of “Taerne”, a fantasy novel that encompasses both the “normal” realm of existence, and realm of Taerne; a land filled with magic, dragons, and mayhem. This is also where our main characters are going in the following short scene:

The next day, Card finished the last bit of packing, stuffing a few necessities into the side pocket of his vinyl backpack. He took a step back and stared at the bulging zippers with a frown. He wasn’t even sure that he would need any of the things that he had packed. Someone knocked on his bedroom door. “It’s open,” he called out still scowling at the bag.

Brianna opened the door and walked in, putting a small, seemingly handmade bag down on the bed beside his back pack. It looked like a burlap purse. She cocked an eyebrow at Card’s backpack and pointed to it while giving him a pointedly amused look. “Really, Card? We are going to a completely different world, filled with wizards, magic, and God knows what else, and you are going to take that?”

Card shrugged. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Its florescent orange, for crying out loud. You might as well tattoo ‘I’m outta this world’ on your forehead.”

Now my muse is demanding a klondike bar, and is refusing to let me do anything else productive.

In closing, I’d like to ask a question: What would you pack if you had a heads up that you were about to leave your current realm of existence, and why would you pack that?

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  1. If your muse is playing hard to get than you should just cheat on your muse. It might be true that cheating on your muse usually ends up in horrible things happening to you. But think of what a fantastic story that would be.


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