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Podcast: “We’re Alive” Review!


Okay, I don’t often do this, but after the death of my laptop, I’ve found myself browsing the web on my cell phone. In my meanderings, I came across a podcast story called: “We’re Alive”. I was instantly dragged in, and once I started listening, I couldn’t stop!


This needed to be shared with the masses! And so, because of the awesomeness of this discover, I would like to present you with my very first Review of an Audio Podcast. 

“We’re Alive – The Zombie Story of Survival” 

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon first streaming this podcast. I knew that it was zombie related. I knew that a friend of mine had liked it. That is where my knowledge ends. What I didn’t know was how awesome the journey I was about to embark on was. 

Without giving away the chills and thrills, the story follows the tale of a group of soldiers responding to an emergency call with little to no information to back it up. It soon becomes obvious that there is a zombie apocalypse underway, and the small group of soldiers who answered the call find themselves in a race for survival. In their search for safety and other survivors, they are forced to make tough choices and deal with the stress of being a survivor. 

The story telling built the mood and there were several times when I found myself on the edge of my seat, tense with the expectation of what was going to happen next. This story was perfect for sitting back in the dark, putting in the headphones, and simply listening. Even if you don’t have a rich imagination like I do, the setting and ambiance is crisp and clear with the sights and smells of apocalyptic decay and the smell of ripe bodies. Yes, it is that good. =D

The voice actors tell their parts of the story to perfection. The emotions, motives, and personalities are easily distinguishable from the dialogue. I don’t think I’ve heard better. With that said, this story is not for the easily offended. There is foul language, and images of terror painted nicely for those who readily indulge in nightmares. Also, don’t listen to this if you don’t like zombies or survival movies, shows, or games. 

If you do like zombie movies, shows, or games, don’t mind nightmares or don’t have them, enjoy a chill and a thrill, then this podcast is a must-listen! You can either stream it for free or subscribe for better quality. I used the “F” word. You have no reason not to test it out. =)

Why wait? Click Here to Listen!