Gosh, this is supposed to be a page about me? What an odd idea…

Well, I’m not one to snub social conventions, not usually anyway, so let me tell you about myself. 🙂
I am a fiction writer. I like to make up stories and share them with random people because it satiates some capricious need that I have but can’t seem to fully express. I love to write!
I have written many poems, a few short stories, and two novels, one of which is complete and will be looking for publishing soon. The other is a 90k+ word monstrosity that needs a blowtorch and an ending.
In the “real world” I teach middle grade math and science. I have a fantastic husband, and three lovely little girls. They all know that I’m crazy, but they love me anyway.  🙂

I’m also addicted to internet smilies and it is a constant trial for me not to use them. ^_^ I often fail.


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