Hello and welcome to my little short story corner of the interwebs! Here you can find the various creative writings that I have deemed “good enough” to have a permanent, easy to find slot. As per the nature of my blog, not every idea or snippet that I post reaches this Gold Star status, but I hope you enjoy the best of what I have to offer here. 🙂


“By the Light of the Velvet Moon” fantasy/supernatural. 3,455 words. On a moonlit night, two creatures on opposing ends of the same spectrum have a fateful encounter. ongoing

“MIMIC” – science fiction. 1,234 words. She woke up. complete

“Three Wishes” – urban fantasy. 1,702 words. What would happen if you gave three wishes to a crotchety old man? complete

“Espionage and Etudes” – fantasy. 3,088 words. For the half-elf bard Taliesen, the winds of fate have always blown in her favor. Moving with that wind from town to town with lyre in hand, she’s entertained and charmed many a patron, and not just with song and notes. A woman of many secrets, she’s always moved alone on the wind of fate. That may soon change. Based on Dungeons and Dragons. complete (link goes to FictionPress)


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