By the Light of the Velvet Moon is an ongoing short story, that I plan to write and post in 500-ish word segments. I’m not a big fan of reading one long post. I like the feel of “turning the page” even if that means clicking a button. =)

And now, a brief synopsis:

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat. It might have gotten the wolf, too.
Cana, a lone she-wolf, encounters the unfamiliar on the night of a full moon. It smells of the world outside of the forest and screams with the agony of an injured wolf. She flees to hide, but not just out of fear. Cana has secrets of her own, and an ingrained instinct to keep them hidden. Unfortunately for Cana, they won’t stay hidden for long…

Available Pages

Just pick the page you want to start from! Don’t worry about coming back to this page. Each section will have a link to the next section (and previous section!) on the bottom of the post. =)
Page One

 Page Two

Page Three

 Page Two


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